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Why is it that every time I get a high chain on a Pokemon within a cave, I'll stop, search for the Pokemon via DexNav, and it'll run away in an instant without me doing anything or moving. Keep in mind, the place I've been having high shiny chains is in Alpha Sapphire, at the Cave of Origin (Sableye Shiny Hunting). If any one has any answers, I'd love to hear them. Thank you!

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I don't have a source for this, but I'm pretty sure as the chain gets higher with water and caves, the faster the pokemon get to the point where you need to break your chain.
I didn't know it was necessary to break your chain...

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It's not necessary to break the chain. It's just wayyyyyy too hard.

Shiny hunting in caves, Mt. Pyre, and water routes in ORAS is hopeless. Don't try it. The Pokemon do indeed get much faster and almost impossible to reach every fifth encounter. It was one of the most criticized aspects of the whole game(s). I would not recommend shiny hunting for Sableye. You're better off looking for something like Luxio (one of my favorite shinies) that I've had success with.

I'm sure if GameFreak thought twice about this, and look back at it now, they regret doing this.

Makes sense. I mean, it's been a month or so with Sableye and my first week in, I hit 999 encounters. I kinda still want a shiny Sableye, however..