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it learns it at level 19 I leveled it up to 19 but it wont work any idea why?

what game was this in? Did you level it up in Festival Plaza in SM?

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Two possibilities as to why Espurr has not learned Fake Out:
1.) It already has the move learnt.
2.) You gave up on teaching Fake Out to him

If you are asking why Fake Out does not work, then here is some helpful information from my source:

Fake Out attacks with a priority of +3 and causes the target to flinch if it hits. It is only successful on the first turn the Pokémon is in battle, but reset each time the Pokémon switches out and back in.

Pokémon with the ability Inner Focus or those behind a Substitute cannot be made to flinch.

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he never had fake out when i caught him. when he reached level 19 it didnt say espurr wants to learn fake out
Well, I don't know what you did. But, it should've learned it already. Just get another Espurr and level it up and teach it Fake Out.
i need espurr for breeding buneary and other Pokemon whos egg moves are fake out cause I like fake out it is one of my fav if you were asking why I need fake out on it
I don't care why you like it.  All I'm saying is, if your original Espurr didn't learn Fake Out at level 19, just catch another one and teach that one Fake Out.