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They like have the same super effective moves! (example: grass and bug)
but only fire types can deal steel and ice
and flying can deal with fighting

Im making a battling Pokemon now, but flamethrower or air slash example???
EDIT: Flamethrower and airslash Is EXAMPLE

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What Pokemon are you using?
Depends on the pokemon you are using and the move itself, factors like STAB and coverage needs are important
This makes no sense
I’ll edit the question so it’s less vague and is more answerable. Worth doing for an old thread considering it never got a proper answer.

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Flamethrower is a good move for the power and can possibly burn, where Air Slash can flinch. If the Pokemon is a flying type, or has Serene Grace, then Air Slash is the better choice, Flamethrower should be given to any Pokemon that's a fire type or neither Fire or Flying

i meant example lol
i dont mean Flamethrower or Air slash, i meant FLYING OR FIRE Moves
It depends on the Pokémon
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Since the asker never specified a format, I guess I'll assume he was statistically likely to be asking about OU or VGC18. In OU, the most common Pokemon include Magearna, Kartana, and Ferrothorn. In VGC, the most common Pokemon include Metagross, Kartana, and Aegislash. No fighting type was as common as any of those. Therefore, in both OU and VGC18, fire is the better coverage type.