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I'm asking this because he has it as an egg move, but you can't breed him

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Questions that can easily be looked up on this site's DB are not allowed. https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/carbink
Fair, though the site can't really be specific as to what kinds of chain breeding would be required for certain egg moves, so I'll make exception for these types of questions that may easily end up more complex than just naming a Pokemon and a number. (I see that Stealth Rock wasn't actually an egg move in this case, but that wasn't always guaranteed to be the answer based on the question.)

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Carbink learns Stealth Rock at Level 21 upon experience. It cannot learn egg moves. If your Carbink is past this level, you will have to go to the Move Reminder who is situated in Fallarbor Town (ORAS) or Dendemille Town (XY) and use 1 Heart Scale.

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