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And how do I get to Ruins of abundance?

If you are referring to the Psychium Z, then it is located "on the pedestal at the end of the path reached by following the stone stacks in the order 2-1-4".

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The Flyium Z is found in Ten Carat Hill. You use Machamp to move a boulder blocking your way and you can reach the Farthest Hollow. Watch here
Like all Z crystals the Flyium Z will be on a pedestal, like so :

Here is the question about where the Ruins of Abundance is:

Now, I'm trying to avoid spoilers so I haven't personally watched the video, but I'm sure this video is a promising solution to your problem. You can always trust Let's Plays to guide you through a game. If not, just shout at me and I'll remove the answer lol.
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You go to Ten Carat Hill and smash the rock that is blocking the way to the Z-crystal. There, you will obtain your Flyinium Z.

You might need Machamp PokéRide for this.
But how will I know where the Z-crystal is? And also, how do I get to the ruins of abundance?
The Ruins of Abundance are located on the Haina Desert on Ula'Ula Island. Just follow the guy's order where the desert meets the inland.