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Blue being our rival he should pick a starter Pokémon with an advantage over our Pokémon right?
But how could Blue have a Blastoise if Red has a Bulbasaur?

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Different aspects of the Pokemon franchise are usually not consistent.
Red completed his pokedex as well
Red has a Charmander and Gary (Blue) has a Squirtle.
Or if Red chose a Charmander and traded some Pokémon for a Bulbasaur?
When did he have a Bulbasaur? I'm pretty sure he never had a Bulbasaur.
Maybe Red picked Charmander and later received a Bulbasaur in a trade, or maybe he somehow exploited the Mew glitch.
People are confusing Generations with Origins. In Generations, the 5-minute anthology series, Red is shown with a Bulbasaur. In Origins, the short spinoff series, Red has a Charmander.
Are u telling origins is different from generations?
But Astronautical even if red has a Bulbasaur then how could blue own a Blastoise?
I already said. Maybe Red picked Charmander and later received a Bulbasaur in a trade, or maybe he somehow exploited the Mew glitch.

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The anime is a completely different thing from the games. I'm going to list multiple scenarios blue probably picked Squirtle 1. possibly because it is blue? still a possibility, though it is disproven by Red having a Bulbasaur. 2. Blue could have possibly wanted a bigger challenge. so instead of choosing Charmander, he chose Bulbasaur.
3. The creators may have wanted Red to have a type advantage against his rival, so they made him pick Squirtle.
4. Charmander could have possibly already been taken and Bulbasaur was the one left. As seen in the game, there is only one Pokemon left. 5. Blue/ Red liked the Pokemon the most and decided to pick it, no matter what the type. and finally 6. Red could have been there after Blue and chose the one with the advantage.

that's all my hunches I have and I hope this would answer your question.

I disagree your answer.  See this https://youtu.be/izQ9uoy3TbM.
In the starting the Pokémon Red version title screen appears same as the game. The gameplay is same too. Then how could any of your theory can be real. If the gameplay is same as the game, then everything should be same in the game's anime counterpart, right?. So what I think is first Red chose Bulbasaur as his starter. And later started a new game and chose charmander.
 Whatever I said before is wrong. As no one would like to trade their starter Pokémon. Okay?