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I heard that there was a Pokemon family that could take 8 times damage. I'm wanting to know if that is true and I want you to look at EVERY official information of the Pokemon and if my memory is correct it was in a gen 4 walkthrough.(but my memory could be wrong so still look in other gens)

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I don't think that there is a Pokemon that can be weak to an 8x weakness. The only pokemon I know that has a 5x Weakness is Parasect with the Dry Skin ability in the Sun. That 5x Weakness is Fire.
I swear this was asked a long time ago, I cant seem to find that question though.
Also if you use Forest Curse on a pokemon like Gligar and then use an ice move on them they'll take x6 dmg, I guess the x8 could come from STAB and stat boosts.
forest curse noibat takes 6x damage I think, I'm not sure if anyone can take 8x
A pokemon can have a 6 times weakness with a 4 times weakness and same type multiplier and the croguank line has dry skin as well AND is fighting poison which is 4 times weak to psychic.

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By typing alone, the answer is obviously no; the biggest weakness a Pokémon's typing can give it is 4x.

But there are some abilities that give Pokémon extra weaknesses, which is what I looked for. After looking through all the abilities that add weaknesses (and all the Pokémon that can have those abilities), the closest a Pokémon can come to an 8x weakness, without type manipulation, is the Paras line, who, in addition to having a natural 4x weakness to fire, can also have the ability Dry Skin, which increases fire damage by 1.25x, resulting in a 5x weakness to fire.

However, a Pokémon affected by Forest's Curse could end with an 8x weakness to various types. The total list of Pokémon who, when affected by Forest's Curse, have an 8x weakness:

Alolan Sandshrew / Sandslash
Scizor / Mega Scizor
Wormadam (Trash Cloak)

Gligar / Gliscor
Landorus (both forms)
Vibrava / Flygon
Gible / Gabite / Garchomp / Mega Garchomp
Zygarde (all forms)
Salamence / Mega Salamence
Rayquaza / Mega Rayquaza
Noibat / Noivern

Heracross / Mega Heracross

Inkay / Malamar
Unbound Hoopa

(credits to people in the comments to pointing out Forest's Curse)

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LOL Roost removes flying type
Sir Terlor, take a look at Dewgong with Thick Fat and tell me that its original 4x resistance to Ice does not increase to 8x.
1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4 . . . 1/4 x 1/2 = 1/8
Roost removes flying type on the turn it is used; Trevenant attacks a dual / three typed Dragonite, then Dragonite removes its flying type only for that effect to be reset before Trevenant attacks again

Besides, even if it works like Destiny Bond, removing its Flying type until the user attacks again, that should have lowered the damage (or rather, kept it the same, seeing as Dragonite effectively goes from Dragon-flying to Dragon-grass, since Roost would not have been in effect for the first HP), but instead we still see a 2x increase in damage.
I would give this the best answer check but you forgot a pokemon line with dry skin that also has a 4 times weakness and everyone is forgetting about the 1.5 times bonus for using a move that is the same type as one of the pokemon's typing so add 1.5 and 6 and it makes 7.5 which rounded is 8 times.
That's not how it works! 1 x 2 = 2 . . . 2 x 2 = 4 . . . 4 x 2 = 8 . . . 1 x 1/2 = 1/2 . . .
Also, for Dry Skin, Paras is 5x weak to Fire (4x is its original weakness x 1.25).