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examples for each stat would be nice


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I used Smogon's Damage Calculator, and any stat below 50 with a decreasing nature will be 4 if level one (except Shedninja; it will always be lvl 1). There are far too many to list, so go to http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/teambuilder, press New Team, Add Pokemon, and then press the stat you want to see the lowest. Then scroll to the bottom, then scroll up until you wind a Pokemon that has the base stat greater than 49. Every Pokemon below the Pokemon will have the lowest possible stat of 4 (excluding Shedninja) at level one with a decreasing nature. Sorry if it is confusing, I will try to clear it up later.

EDIT: I just forgot, the lowest stat for Speed is 2 if they are holding an Iron Ball or any EV-increasing items.

Tl;Dr Any Pokemon with a base stat lower than 50 and has a receding nature will have the lowest base stat of 4 at level 1 (except Shedninja, which will have 1 HP).

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All data is taken at level 1 with 0 IVs and a hindering nature (the sprites shown are for the Pokémon with the lowest base stats, but as PokeTrainer67 pointed out more concisely than I ever could, any base stat below 50 will reach these results at level 1):

HP: 1 (base 1)

Attack: 4 (base 5)

Defence: 4 (base 5)

Sp. Attack: 4 (base 10)

Sp. Defence: 4 (base 20)

Speed: 4 (base 5)


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Technically, any Pokemon that is level one with a base stat below 50 and a hindering nature will have a base stat of 4 at level 1. Otherwise, it will be 5. Try it out on the battle calc.
I noticed that, I was just pointing out the ones with the lowest base stats. I should have mentioned that, though.