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examples for each stat would be nice

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I used Smogon's Damage Calculator, and any stat below 50 with a decreasing nature will be 4 if level one (except Shedninja; it will always be lvl 1). There are far too many to list, so go to, press New Team, Add Pokemon, and then press the stat you want to see the lowest. Then scroll to the bottom, then scroll up until you wind a Pokemon that has the base stat greater than 49. Every Pokemon below the Pokemon will have the lowest possible stat of 4 (excluding Shedninja) at level one with a decreasing nature. Sorry if it is confusing, I will try to clear it up later.

EDIT: I just forgot, the lowest stat for Speed is 2 if they are holding an Iron Ball or any EV-increasing items.

Tl;Dr Any Pokemon with a base stat lower than 50 and has a receding nature will have the lowest base stat of 4 at level 1 (except Shedninja, which will have 1 HP).

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All data is taken at level 1 with 0 IVs and a hindering nature (the sprites shown are for the Pokémon with the lowest base stats, but as PokeTrainer67 pointed out more concisely than I ever could, any base stat below 50 will reach these results at level 1):

HP: 1 (base 1)

Attack: 4 (base 5)

Defence: 4 (base 5)

Sp. Attack: 4 (base 10)

Sp. Defence: 4 (base 20)

Speed: 4 (base 5)


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Technically, any Pokemon that is level one with a base stat below 50 and a hindering nature will have a base stat of 4 at level 1. Otherwise, it will be 5. Try it out on the battle calc.
I noticed that, I was just pointing out the ones with the lowest base stats. I should have mentioned that, though.