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From this site I learned the only Pokemon that can have Reversal in the Dragon Egg Group was Axew and its Evolutions. But in order to get it on them, they have to breed with Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan can only be female.
Only male Pokemon pass down moves. So how is it done?


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Getting a reversal kommo-o is kinda difficult but, it's not true that only male Pokemon pass down egg moves but when you breed two Pokemon the one that hatch is the same species as the mother. Now stick with me:
to get reversal kommo-o you need to breed a female rhydon (or its evolutions) with a female arcanine, lucario, stoutland or passimian (or their evolutions) that knows reversal (there are many other but this are the easiest to get in sun and moon), then breed since you get a male rhydon (that will now know reversal) and use it to breed with a female kommo-o (or its evolutions). hope I helped! :)

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Growlithe (Level up) ------> Rhyhorn (Breeding) ------> Axew (Breeding) -------> Jangmo-o (Breeding)

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