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I've off and on hunted for shiny Pokemon in my Moon game, and personally really like shiny Jangmo-o. However, it is very difficult to get shiny Jangmo-o. Here's my problem with both methods:

  1. SOS Battles

My main hunters are two Exeggcutors. However, I only have one moveset up and running, and the other one requires Skill Swap. If that was fixed, I'd be able to hunt easily. However, I don't have Skill Swap because it's a move tutor / egg move. You only can get one from a Gen 6 game, which I don't have.

  1. Breeding

Jangmo-o has an extremly long breeding time, and I really don't want to IV breed it. Plus, I don't have a 6IV Ditto. (I do want it to be somewhat competitive)


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Breeding is definitely the best way to go about doing this. It's also the only possible way. Why? Well, when you find a Jangmo-o and make it call for help, it will only call for it's evolved forms; Hakamo-o and the occasional Kommo-o. As a result, it's impossible to get Jangmo-o this way, so you'll have to stick with breeding.

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Nintendo is cruel to Drelthian :(
It's cruel to everyone who can't spend lots of money on games.
I was planning on evolving it, but that helps either way. Hakomo-o would be a lot harder to battle.