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Check my last question to try to make things more clear:

When you hatch a pokemon, it will automatically go to regular pokeball regardless of parent's pokeball type. So you cannot inherit pokeballs unlike moves, abilities, nature, EVs and IVs.
Btw if you remember biology , you can only inherit biological things like body shape, blood group, skin color etc and not external things like clothes, tattoo, knowledge etc. So in pokemon  moves, abilities, nature, EVs and IVs are biological things whereas pokeball is external things.
Actually, Pokemon are able to inherit Pokeballs from their parents.
Why can't you just catch a Jangmo-o in a heavy ball? Why do you need to breed stuff?
Didn't you see my last question? I'm trying to breed a Jangmo-o with reversal and I want it in a Heavy ball.

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Just use the informazion that sumwun and the picture that doge gave you: you know from the picture that only female can pass down the ball if bred with a different spieces Pokemon and from my explanation on how to get reversal you know that in breeding the Pokemon that hatch is the same species as the mother, so: catch a female kommo-o/hakamo-o/jangmo-o in a heavy ball and breed it with a male rhydon that knows reversal!

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7th generation, if a male and female Pokémon of the same species are bred, the offspring will have an equal chance of inheriting either parent's Poké Ball.

Also, when breeding a male or genderless Pokémon with Ditto, the Poké Ball of the male or genderless Pokémon will now be passed down to its offspring.

But for parents in a Master Ball or Cherish Ball are always treated as being in a standard Pokéball as before.


Thank you Doge.
But this doesn't answer my question.
Because I wanted to know which Pokemon is used to breed Reversal on Jangmo-o, so I can catch that one in a Heavy ball so it passes it down to Jangmo-o.