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SOS or masuda method? I would prefer a good nature but its a lot of steps per egg....

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Well, you mentioned two ways to shiny hunt.
Your point?
My point is: use one of those methods to hunt for Shiny Beldum.
The question is asking which way would be better to use to shiny hunt Beldum.
I also use this technique, 890

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I would say It is easiest to Masuda method for shiny Beldum. Beldum has an EXTREMELY low catch rate, being
3 out of 255. That is most LEGENDARY Pokemons' catch rate. (For example the Tapus.) Not to mention It has Take down, which kills itself after a few turns. You probably don't want to see a shiny die. The only way I would recommend SOS chaining is if you had a master ball in handy, so you can catch the shiny as soon as you see it.
Hope I helped!

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Masuda method theoretically takes longer than SOS chaining, so you should probably explain the swap breeding method in the answer. Also, the unmodified catch chance is 1/255, not 3/255.
Is the DB Lying then?
First, Beldum does indeed have a catch rate of 3. The unmodified catch chance of a Pokemon is catch rate/765, not catch rate/255.
Second, the DB is run by one person, so random errors are pretty much expected. It's just that the site happened to have the right information about Beldum's catch rate.