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SOS or masuda method? I would prefer a good nature but its a lot of steps per egg....

Well, you mentioned two ways to shiny hunt.
Your point?
My point is: use one of those methods to hunt for Shiny Beldum.
The question is asking which way would be better to use to shiny hunt Beldum.
I also use this technique, 890

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I would say It is easiest to Masuda method for shiny Beldum. Beldum has an EXTREMELY low catch rate, being
3 out of 255. That is most LEGENDARY Pokemons' catch rate. (For example the Tapus.) Not to mention It has Take down, which kills itself after a few turns. You probably don't want to see a shiny die. The only way I would recommend SOS chaining is if you had a master ball in handy, so you can catch the shiny as soon as you see it.
Hope I helped!

Masuda method theoretically takes longer than SOS chaining, so you should probably explain the swap breeding method in the answer. Also, the unmodified catch chance is 1/255, not 3/255.
Is the DB Lying then?
First, Beldum does indeed have a catch rate of 3. The unmodified catch chance of a Pokemon is catch rate/765, not catch rate/255.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Catch_rate
Second, the DB is run by one person, so random errors are pretty much expected. It's just that the site happened to have the right information about Beldum's catch rate.