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Aside from Yanmega and Scyther

It is good Friday
How did you of all people leave out Ninjask?

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Half of these answers are either about Ninjask, or don't even apply to the actual question, so I'll try to look over each Bug/Flying type:

The first of them all. Bad stats in most aspects, but has a small niche for powdering with Compoundeyes. Fairly unorthodox, compared to Venomoth, but you can use it if you want.

A great sweeper that is as straightforward as all sweepers. Just use Technician on it, put some decent STAB and coverage on, and let it rip things apart.

Not bad, but has gaping holes in terms of use. It's fairly fast, and makes a decent Special Tank in lower tiers, but use that Special Bulk to set up, not Wall. Not the best choice, but passable.

It's an inferior Butterfree, and probably the worst Bug/Flying type there is.

My favorite Pokemon, and the Bug/Flying type with the best coverage available. Water-type movepool, Bug-type movepool, and a few tutor moves with Quiver Dance/Baton Pass, make this guy a multi-use wonder in the lower tiers!

Yeah, just read everyone else's opinions.

Also pretty mediocre. The mixed Sweeping stats are good, but it's way too slow. Unless you can baton Pass Agility onto it, don't even try using it.

An ironic Pokemon through and through. Why make it bulky if it can't wall anything because of a bunch of weaknesses? People seem to think it's good, but really, it's pretty average.

A formidable Bug/Flying type that has its obvious flaws, but enough assets to keep it strong. A fair movepool paired with healthy stats makes for a unique sweeper with its quirky abilities.

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Like DarkTyphlosion said, Ninjask is a wonderful counterpart. With amazing speed and pretty good attack you can't go wrong. Another good one is Vespiquen, with good defense and special defense. I personally like Volcarona, even if he is Bug and Fire he can still learn Fly. All those are probably the most worthwhile in my opinion.

Some other good ones might include Butterfree, which is not too good in stats but if you teach it some status moves it will be a good one to start a battle with, and Dustox, which is pretty good with Shield Dust, although not the best stats either. Masquerain is probably the one to use, with a huge movepool, including those water type moves that get rid of the fire disadvantage.

Hope this helps =)

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After Yanmega and Scyther, most other Bug/Flying types are not productive enough to be put on a serious team

A Ninjask with Baton Pass/Swords Dance/Protect (for the automatic free Speed Boost) is probably the only other Bug/Flying.