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I'm curious:
If someone had a Sylveon with the ability Pixilate, would they have it hold a Silk Scarf or a Pixie Plate to make Hyper Voice stronger?

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the closest thing to a "normal plate" would be normal gem, but it's not a great item
no, silk scarf actually has the same effect for the plates, but for normal types
oh dang I forgot silk scarf existed

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Silk Scarf is only for Normal moves. Pixilate makes Normal moves into Fairy, so they aren't Normal type moves anymore. You would have to hold a Pixie Plate. It would first turn into a Fairy-type move, then get the Pixilate boost, and then the Pixie Plate boost.
Source: My Sylveon from my Mono-Fairy team on PS!

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Sorry I meant Silk Scarf. I will change my title.