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I have been having tough times choosing Torchic or Cyndaquill.
Blaziken is awesome with his speed and atk plus special atk.
Typloshion is awesome with speed and special atk.

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I hope you don't mind that I edited the title to be more to the point of the question, since it seems you're more concerned about what Torchic and Cyndaquil will eventually evolve to.

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My personal choiche would be Blaziken, but there are also many good options for Typhlosion. Their base stat total is almost the same, with Typhlosion having litterely 4 points higher. The reason why I would choose Blaziken is because of it's super strong Mega Evolution. Let's take a look at a good competitive set for Blaziken:

Blaziken @ Blazikenite:
Ability: Speed Boost
Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)

-Flare Blitz / Blaze Kick (high power, STAB fire move, good accuracy)
-Knock Off (high power, get's boosted if target is holding item)
-Sky Uppercut (STAB fighting move, good power, decent accuracy)
-Protect (for Mega Blaziken's Speed Boost ability)

If you don't want to use Mega Blaziken and missed the hidden ability Torchic event, here is a good set for normal Blaziken:

Blaziken @ Life Orb
Ability: Blaze
Calm nature (+Atk, -SpDef)

-Overheat (Strong STAB fire move, only special move so the recoil doesn't really matter)
-High Jump Kick (STAB fighting move, even more powerful with Life Orb)
-Focus Energy (Increases Crit. chance, boosts other moves)
-Flame Charge (used to boost it's Speed if needed because it doesn't have the Speed Boost ability)

Now for Typhlosion, this is definitly the most popular set for Typhlosion, I bet i'm not the only one that uses this:

Typhlosion @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Blaze / Flash Fire
Modest Nature (+SpAtk, -Atk)
-Flamethower (STAB fire move with 100 accuracy)
-Eruption (150 base power if HP is full, makes good use of the Choice Scarf)
-Solar Beam (used to cover it's weaknesses)
-Focus Blast (used to deal with Rock types, if you don't want to charge up with Solar Beam)

Hope I helped (PS: man I wish Typhlosion had the Desolate Land ability ;D)

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First, high jump kick's extra power is more than worth its low accuracy, so it should be used over sky uppercut. Second, Blaziken is more likely to use its physical defense stat than its special attack stat, so it should always have a special attack decreasing nature. Third, calm decreases physical attack, so it should never be used on Blaziken. Fourth, flare blitz can be used in succession and is almost as powerful as overheat, so it should be used instead of overheat. Fifth, critical hits only multiply the damage by 3/2, so focus energy should never be used over swords dance. Sixth, even if Blaziken's speed is low, it still needs a coverage move more than a speed increase, so knock off is better than flame charge. Seventh, grass hidden power is much better than solar beam unless the Typhlosion is made specifically for a sun team.
I added Focus Energy for highly increased damage from Life Orb crits. The most sweeping strategy is also used with Focus Energy, with the Scope Lens as held item. This gives you an 95% crit, chance.
Swords dance multiplies damage by 2. Critical hits multiply the damage by 3/2, AND aren't guaranteed to happen. Why, exactly, is focus energy better than swords dance?
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It seems like Blaziken has the better stats, especially if you received the Speed Boost Torchic a while back. However, Typloshion does have better defense, special defense, and speed. If your playing the game just for fun and not really for competition, Cyndaquil evolves at level fourteen, two levels before Torchic does. But, in the end it's your choice.

Not just saying to choose Torchic because I am, nope.

Also, here are the links for their stats (Typloshion's stats are first, and then Blaziken's) :