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One more final question.. I had answers for Torchic vs Cyndaquill and Torchic won!!!
Is Litten better or is Torchic

Blaziken can learn swords dance and good coverage attacks, so it's almost always the best fire starter when it has access to speed boost.
"better" is an objective term, I'm not sure if this type of question is in alliance with the rules: "No polls/opinion questions: Questions such as What is your favourite Pokemon? or Who is the best Water-type Pokemon are too open and vague to be useful. You can discuss things like that in Chat."
I'd suggest making the question more specific. Which is better for in-game against gym leaders or which is "better" for specific competitive.
Litten because it evolves into JOHN CENA!!!!!!
Just kidding. Honestly, I have to go with sumwun because Speed Boost + Swords Dance makes Blaziken completely OP.  Heck, this logic even applies if you're just talking about their unevolved forms because Torchic gets SB/SD too.
Litten! My bouncing, baby boy! All the way.

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I'll post an answer just to make sure people don't forget the competitive aspect (especially in singles; both are pretty useless in doubles). First, I'll paste Blaziken's BSS analysis so it's easier to see why Blaziken is so much better than Incineroar.

Blaziken is an incredibly versatile sweeper. Its access to Speed Boost allows Blaziken to easily snowball during late-game, threatening to outspeed and KO opposing Pokemon. This is made easier with its good Fire/Fighting-typing, making quick work of Pokemon such as Aegislash, Mamoswine, Ferrothorn, and Mega Mawile. Furthermore, its movepool allows it to act as a mixed attacker, capable of luring in Pokemon such as Mega Salamence or Landorus-T before KOing them with Hidden Power Ice, or being able to Baton Pass stat boosts onto one of its teammates. Finally, Blaziken has a strong Mega Evolution that allows it to outspeed key threats after one Speed Boost, such as Choice Scarf Tapu Lele.

I would be including something about Incineroar, but it's so insignificant that the guys on Smogon haven't gotten around to writing any Incineroar analyses.
Next, I'll give a few more or less objective comparisons. First, Blaziken is banned from OU, while Incineroar is untiered. In case you don't know about Smogon tiers, the first usage tier is OU. All the Pokemon deemed "unhealthy" in OU, such as Blaziken, are banned. This means that Blaziken is so overpowered that it easily beats most of the top Pokemon that aren't box art legendaries. Meanwhile, all the Pokemon that are used less than 3.4% in OU are allowed in the UU tier. This process creates a format where the top 50-60 OU Pokemon are banned, so Pokemon that are useless in OU can thrive in UU. This has so far been repeated for two more tiers, RU and NU. Incineroar is so useless that it hasn't made the 3.4% cutoff in any of the tiers, so it's currently untiered. (source) Second, in all singles formats where both Pokemon are allowed, Blaziken is consistently used more than Incineroar. Compared to Incineroar, Blaziken is about...
20 times as useful in Anything Goes
200 times as useful in BSS
88 times as useful in Ubers
Obviously, Blaziken is better than Incineroar in almost every way, at least in competitive battling.

If you're asking which one is better without evolving, then the answer would still be Torchic. Litten isn't good in any formats, while Torchic is at least good in LC. Again, here's Torchic's analysis.

Torchic has a relatively good niche as an offensive support Pokemon, since it is the only Pokemon with access to both Speed Boost and Baton Pass. Its access to some good boosting moves such as Swords Dance, Curse, and Flame Charge along with its relatively good support moves makes it an excellent Speed passer. Its offensive stats, both physically and specially, are also nothing to scoff at, as the offensive pressure it has can force a fair number of switches.

Again, Litten is so useless that Smogon hasn't yet gotten around to writing its analysis. As for the statistics, Torchic is about 85 times more useful than Litten in LC.

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He asked about Litten and Torchic not there evolutions.Look ay the question again and read it carefully.
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For these starters who better to start with depends on which Pokemon game you are playing so I will compare depending on the stats and moves and other things on their files for both Pokemons.

.Torchic will not be faster than Litten comparing stats and Torchich doesn't have a total more than the stats of Litten. And on the last level for Litten to learn moves it will have more moves with power and type than the last level for Torchic to learn moves in.Litten learns more moves by Tm than Torchic.

Here is what Litten better then Torchic is now let's looks t the opposite.

Torchic got more sp.attack than Litten.Torchic can be found in more games than Litten.

For me, I think Litten is better to start with, what do you think?


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Torchic evolves into a fighting Pokemon, and the fact that fighting is super effective against more types pretty easily makes Torchic better than Litten.