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Please don't question my curiosity.

closed with the note: Very trivial and finding an answer would take too much work for what it's worth.
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dude, bulbapedia, there is a stupidly extensive article about the gen three frontier, all it's facilities and why it isn't like that in later gens.
i would send you the link, but, i am on 3ds.
^ this boi is dedicated, using 3DS browser over here
i actually spent like 3 hours answering questions here, and  earned myself -2 votes, because wynaut?
(maybe the fact that i spelled why not like that might have contributed to my downvotes but eh)
i realise tnis is irrevelant to the question, but aren't all my answers?
I read the entire "Facilities" section of the article, and the answer wasn't anywhere in there.
I assumed it seems
Here is the Bulbapedia Battle Pike Link.