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You've spelled the last Pokemon very strangely -- are you referring to Electrike or Eelektrik?

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I'm quite certain it depends on what your team is which you did not say, so I'll just go from a perspective of stats and moves. I'll make a list of the pros and cons of every Pokemon and then you can decide yourself since I, as told before do not what you team is so it's very hard to determine which is better. I will include Egg Moves.

Elekid is not very good itself, but it's evolved forms are. So let's say that you do not have acces to trading and therefore will only be able to get an Electabuzz which has a base stat of 490. It has a high speed and not to shabby attack. If you pair it with moves like: Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Brick Break and Giga Impact (for a seriously packed punch) it can be a rather hard hitting Pokemon.

Now if we assume that you have acces to trading and can get an Electivire that would be even better as Electivire has a base stat of 540 and has a fair amount of attack (123 base attack dmg) whilst still having a good amount of speed even though it is reduced by 10. Just use the same moves but switch Giga Impact with Eartquake and you have a seriously dangerous monster on your team who can also take a couple of punches.

Pikachu can easily be evolved into Raichu (normal version) and if done so will have a base stat of 485 which is significantly lower than Electivire and slightly lower than Electabuzz but has more speed than either of them (altough not by much). Raichu can't take many hits as it has poor defensive stats but has slightly lower Sp. Atk than the other two. Now for a set of moves, I would recommend: Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Brick break and (altough uncertain) Double Team. The reason I used two electric moves is beacuse on is Sp. Atk and one is Atk which allows you to use one fitting the defensive strengths of the opposing Pokemon.

In case you have an Alolan Raichu I'll make on for that aswell.
Now, Alolan Raichu has the same base stat as Raichu but has slightly more Sp. Atk and Sp. Def but in return slightly lower Def and Atk. But as Alolan Raichu is a Psychic type the extra Sp. Atk is only a benefit. I would recommend the moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Brick Break and Psyshock.

As there is no Pokemon known as "electitrik" I will assume you meant the Pokemon Electrike which in all honestly is a very weak Pokemon with a poor base stat of 295. If you instead evolve it into Manetric it becomes much stronger with a base stat of 475 and the highest Sp. Atk of them all. Like I said it has the highest Sp. Atk and the second best speed with a base of 105. Although much like Raichu it has weak defensive stats. Now for a set of moves I would recommend: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Uproar and Crunch. The reason for not including a Ground Type coverage is beacuse it can only learn Ice Fang will most like be too weak on this Pokemon to accomplish anything anyway, best just switch out.

A short summary is: Electrabuzz/Electrive will hit as hard and harder respectively and can also take a couple more hits than the others, and also has a more physical movepool. Raichu and Manetric are a little faster with better Sp. Atk and more Sp. Atk based moves but cant take much of a punch.

This has been my first ever answer and I do hope I helped a little bit atleast. :)
-I like Gibble

P.S: I apologize for any typos I may have made.

Electabuzz has higher special attack than physical attack. Why not use it as a special attacker?
Probably because it gets better coverage physically. The difference is pretty small for ingame to really care anyway.