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So I recently caught a ditto in my SoulSilver game shortly after battling a trainer with one, and it got me thinking, what would happen if two trainers with one ditto each battled? Would there be a way to win or not? Again, hypothetical, maybe dumb, but I'm curious.


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Like mentioned, the transform would fail and when you run out of PP on Transform it would result in only using Struggle. Sure Struggle isn't the best move but it does do damage, so there would be a winner (and loser) in such a battle.

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Transform would fail, because they're the same Pokemon, so the battle would devolve into a pp stall.

This isn't exactly right. Transform can work on a Pokemon of the same species. It fails because the other Ditto would already be transformed. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Transform_(move)