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Hello,I recently hatched an HA Corpish and it had 11 at HP but 31 at all stats...So I was wonder if I should EV Train it to Attack and HP or Attack and Speed,the nature of it is Adamant and has this Egg Moves:
-Knock Off
-Aqua Jet
-Dragon Dance


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Assuming that you're looking to use a Dragon Dance set, max Attack and Speed is the way to go. This is the standard spread that Dragon Dance Crawdaunt use in competitive play -- Crawdaunt just doesn't have the chops to run anything tanky. Its base HP is very low and its defensive stats do little to compensate, which means training it in HP is basically futile. The imperfect IV yours has probably doesn't help much with that either.

Investing in HP generally typically suggests the Pokemon would be a switch-in target, which is not at all the case for Crawdaunt with its poor defences, average defensive typing and also its role as a set-up sweeper. Crawdaunt is something that you'd want to send in to break walls or to threaten a revenge kill, neither of which keep good defences as a priority. So for those reasons, Crawdaunt almost always prefers Speed investment over HP.

Speed investment is additionally worthwhile for Dragon Dance, which adopts the mentality that Crawdaunt won't have to take a hit if it is faster than the opponent and able to knock it out, or at least force it to switch out. The Speed EVs mean the scope of Pokemon it can outspeed is far greater -- if it weren't using Speed EVs, then at level 100 it would only hit 219 Speed after a Dragon Dance boost, which I'd argue is still slower than it is faster.

Having said all of this though, I'd personally recommend using a Swords Dance set instead of a Dragon Dance set anyway, as it's quite difficult to elevate Crawdaunt's low Speed to a point where it can actually move before important threats. The extra Attack adds some fire power to Aqua Jet, which goes first anyway. The Swords Dance set still prefers the 252 Speed EVs though; as above, the HP EVs don't achieve as much for this Pokemon.

(Linking here to the calculator I used to find the precise stats for comparison.)

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Thank you so much!
No problem! Have fun with the Crawdaunt once you've trained it, Adaptability is great to play with.