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My team is currently Typhlosion lvl 50,
( swift, rollout, blast burn, flamethrower.)
Lugia lvl 48 ( extrasensory,dragon rush, hydro pump, aeroblast.)
Mamoswine lvl38 ( ice shard, blizzard, dig, earthquake.)
Ampharos lvl 34 ( discharge, thunder punch, thunder shock, thunder wave.)
Rhyhorn lvl 35 ( horn attack, Rock blast, take down, scary face.)
Bellosom lvl 35 ( stun spore, sleep powder, mega drain, solar beam.)

But I want to get my A, R, B, and my M to lvl 45 but I don't know where to train them.

Give them exp. shares and have them battle whatever trainers you need to battle.
I've already beaten all the trainers so far but thanks anyway
Where are you up to?
Even Red? I don't believe you can possibly have already defeated Red with that team.
sumwun a team like that is probably pre-E4, so Red and postgame trainers aren't accessible.

Honestly I don't even remember how I legit beat the E4 and how I grinded back when I had the legit game. You can farm chansey's for a Lucky Egg and then just beat victory road or maybe the random tangela/lickatung beforehand, but chansey farming takes so long even with thief.
Exactly. Since it's most likely pre-Elite Four, just battle the Elite Four. If you can't, then battle whatever trainers stand between you and the Elite Four.

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[disclaimer: quality may not be up to standars due to being done on a 3ds]
like @sumwun said, if you are pre elite four, keep hacking at the elite four, that way you can train and potentially pass the elite four.
if you can do mount silver, which you can access I think after you either deafeat the champ or beat all the kanto gym leaders, pretty sure it is the latter.
if you arent that far yet, try chansey like @PX said I guess.
try and fill your pokedex, look up all the locations for Pokemon and do that while killing the Pokemon you already caught, don't actually know if that is an effective way to level up, but hell, wynaut?
get everyones phone number. trainers Pokemon give more exp then wild ones, and although there is no versus seeker, most trainers can be called if yoou exchange phone numbers, they even call you when they want to fight, it's like they want to get beat up. even better, trainers Pokemon level scale by how much you have achieved, like pokedex, gym badges stars on your trainer card etc. so th