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I am playing the old games on DS (for me those are D/P/P, HG/SS, and B/W since my first game in the serious was black two) so I could fill in the other parts of my pokedex, I'm close to getting to the infiltration of team rocket (and yes I have caught/defeated red gyarados) and I'm trying to get my team to level 40 because I like to be careful in the old games (my team goes from 26 to 32) so where's a good place to grind? All help would be appreciated

You could just challenge the Rocket executives repeatedly until you beat them.

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Since you have already caught Gyarados, I would suggest getting exchanging the Red scale you have for an Exp. Share at Mr Pokemon's house. Then give the Exp. Share to the weakest Pokemon that always faints, and start grinding in any tall grass with your strongest Pokemon.

You can also challenge some Trainers that you haven't battled. And like sumwun said, you can keep challenging he Rocket grunts until you beat them. The more you battle, the more experience points you get. It's pretty hard to train before the E4 without challenging Trainers, Gym leaders, and they can be challenged only once. So for now, the only method is to train/grind in the wild.

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Put 2 Pokémon at a time in the daycare. Go to Morty’s Gym. Tape the D-Pad/Circle Pad for 3DS so you constantly run up, fall, warp back to start, and repeat infinitely. Go exercise while you wait. I trained my Dragonite like this.

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