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Depends on the rest of the moveset, the rest of the team, and the format.

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For the most part, Technician if it's an offensive set (or if its moveset can use it), or Natural Cure if it's a defensive set.
Poison Point isn't that great for a defensive set because defensive Roserade wants to be a special tank, and the vast majority of contact moves are physical.

Also, Roserade usually uses toxic or sleep powder on as much as it can, so opponents would already have status ailments by the time they start making contact.
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Natural cure is better in my opinion.

Technician is nice but the only move I see it being of any real benefit to would be magical leaf and I i still probably wouldn't choose that over a move like giga drain which provides recovery and damage simultaneously.

Poison point isn't too bad, but Roserade has access to toxic or toxic spikes. Also, poison stunts a Pokemons special attack, but to be poisoned by poison point the Pokemon will likely be a physical attacker so to be able to poison a wider range of Pokemon a move like toxic would better replace the need for poison point (not to mention how this could be exploited by Pokemon with the ability guts).

Natural cure would allow for Roserade to be a good pivot Pokemon (either offensively or defensively) switching in when needed which at the same time would allow for it to shake off burdens like paralysis, burn or even poison (with corrosion being introduced in gen 7).

First, technician is good for offensive Roserade because it powers up hidden power, so you get a base power 90 attack of whatever type you want. Second, poison has no effect on stats unless the poisoned Pokemon's ability is guts or marvel scale.
Oh, my bad i always though that as burn halved attack then poison halved special attack, but i still stand by what i said, even with hidden power that's one move your ability is being used for, i guess it adds coverage, however personally i still see natural cure as being better because it allows Roserade to pivot easier, switching in when and where needed.
Roserade doesn't need natural cure to pivot; most opponents won't attempt to paralyze Roserade or put Roserade to sleep, and Roserade isn't threatened by the other status ailments. On the other hand, many opponents will try to tank Roserade with steel type Pokemon, so technician-boosted fire hidden power is more useful than natural cure.