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I am on a high rank escort mission in apple woods, but when I get to the right floor it says the usual dialogue along with "but where is stantler" I looked through the entire floor so that the entire map was revealed and even had to eat an apple from hunger (on floor 6 of apple woods, how do you even do that) I'm out of ideas and I really want to finish the mission, please tell me what to do

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anyway i did answer the bloody question, once he sends me the mission code i will investigate it myself and see what the problem is specifically.
so take back that downvote!..please.
Actually, you didn't answer the question. You just told him to send the mission code and then added a paragraph of stuff that really isn't that important to what you were saying. I agree with sumwun. This should be a comment.
that better?
I know the chances of you seeing this are pretty low, but are you still stuck? If you aren't it could be useful if you answered your own question with how you figured it out.
Im still stuck, I just trashed the mission but would still want to know what happened

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There is a rare chance that your target may not appear on its floor and you have to redo the mission later. This can also happen with outlaw-catching missions.