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If I level them up anymore they wont listen even more but if I don't they wil tottally be smoked by gardenia! What should I do? there all level twelve.

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Any Pokemon that you caught yourself on your own game will always obey you, no matter what level they are.

However any traded Pokemon will only obey if you have the right gym badge. With each alternate badge, higher level Pokemon will obey, e.g. up to level 30, up to level 50 and so on. This is explained pretty clearly in the game. Once they are higher than your badge level, they will randomly disobey, ignore your commands, use different moves and so on.

A traded Pokemon is any one that comes from a different game, even if you own it yourself and trained the Pokemon on the other game. Think about it - how is your game supposed to know that you own the other game?!

Don't forget to mention also pokemaster, That they changed the system in gen V
yeah but in my pearl game trded pokemon will not listen to me i beat the oreburgh gym but these traded pokemon will not listen to me at all
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Go catch and train your "OWN" pokemon

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You people are crazy you understand I trained all of them on my own and caught them although I did train and I traded for the bulbasaur and the larvitar and all of them but I traded from my own gamew to my other game so if you mean stop being lazy im not being lazy and that is how it sounds to me
Well then use Pokemon from the game your playing now and Train those instead of useing old pokemon! And it is lazy to do what you are doing!
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when you trade a pokemon at a certain level it may not listen to you because you do not have enough badges. when you beat a gym leader they will tell you that a pokemon up to level 20,30,50,etc. will now obey you in trades. game freak made it this way to encourage not just trading a high level to beat the game with ease

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Well......I agree with everyone else and say that you should use your own pokemon. But the reason they aren't obeying you is because you got them in trade. If and when you beat Gardenia will they listen.

Hope this helps =D