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Is there a Pokemon who is able to KO all Pokemon?

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Yes. Although it may not be easy to do, all Pokemon have to ability to KO all Pokemon, as long as they can hit each Pokemon.

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Almost all Pokemon can learn at least one status move that doesn't deal damage (like protect). The only Pokemon that can't do this are Unown and Beldum. However, both can be made to be low-leveled so their attacks deal very little damage. Such a status move (as well as Unown's hidden power and Beldum's take down) are limited to at most 40 PP. For the one Pokemon that can KO all of them, it only needs to hold a leftovers (to heal damage from hidden power and take down) and know moves that total more than 40 PP. This way, the Pokemon that is to be KO'd is guaranteed to run out of PP first and beat itself to death with struggle. (in the case of Shedinja being the one Pokemon, it only needs to use swords dance and a powerful attack, and it'll defeat the opponent before the opponent starts to use struggle) The only Pokemon that can't learn moves that total more than 40 PP (and thus can't KO all Pokemon) are Ditto, Unown, and Beldum.
There were a lot of sources, so I'm too lazy to list all of them. However, I can source specific facts on request.

Hidden Power doesn't have recoil damage.
I'm saying that Unown has to use hidden power every turn, so it might accidentally defeat the one Pokemon that's supposed to defeat all Pokemon. Sorry if I suck at explaining stuff.
What if Unown was given Choice Specs?
Then it would be even more likely to defeat the one Pokemon.
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Nope they all have there counters

The person asking didn't specify if the one Pokemon had to KO all SPECIES or all SETS. A Pokemon is countered by a SET, not a SPECIES. One can set up battles in which none of the Pokemon have good SETS, so the one Pokemon can't be countered.
Well there is no Pokemon that can KO ALL Pokemon because of the four move limit etc.
If you have a move that's Rock type you should be able to KO any Pokemon, as there are no Pokemon that are immune to Rick type.
All Pokemon can run out of PP, so PP stalling is a way to accomplish this.
@Taco There's a Rick type? Is it weak against the Morty type?
Oops. I remember being a little bit annoyed when I was typing that because I was making some really dumb mistakes, but I guess I didn't notice that I said that nothing is immune to Rick type.
Oh jeez