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I'm not really sure where to post this, so I'll do it here.

There is a competitive Drifblim I want to try with the HA, Flare Boost. I'm doing it by SOS. My idea is to use Cofagrigus, with Dark Pulse, Will-O-Wisp, Hex and Haze. Hex and Dark Pulse are for knocking out, Haze to clear evasiveness and Will-O-Wisp to get a status on. The moves don't matter as much, except for Haze/Knock out move, but it's wonderful ability Mummy, which makes the opposing Pokemon's ability Mummy. It also tells you their original ability. With Drifloon's Astonish, it probably shouldn't be too hard to find.

My question is is there any better way of doing this? Mummy isn't a guarantee. But Mummy also doesn't take up a move... And what about healing? Would leftovers be good? What about a general HA hunter?


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The HA hunter I use is a Gallade with the following moveset.

  • Leaf Blade
  • Thunder Wave
  • Skill Swap
  • False Swipe

The most important moves on the set are Thunder Wave and Skill Swap. Thunder Wave for the paralysis of course, and when you end up with the Pokemon with the desired ability you can paralyze it so that it cannot call for anymore help. Skill Swap is for checking the ability, and it will only fail if the opponent uses a protect move or something to prevent non-damaging moves. Even if you have the same ability it will work.

False Swipe is mostly for weakening the target, but isn't mandatory. It's of no use on Ghost types of course. Leaf Blade is there for KOing everything else, though any move that nothing is immune to works perfect (so no Normal, Fighting, Psychic, Ground, Ghost, Poison, Electric, or Dragon type moves).

I always let my Gallade hold Leftovers. You won't need to heal very often so long as it holds it. I recommend having lots of Leppa berries to restore your PP, as well as stocking up on potions and Full Heals in case you get poisoned or burned.

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I think that be a pretty good set.

Lucky me to have like 20 Ralts in my boxes. :P

If I could find a Skill Swap Exeggcute, that'd be perfect though. I have a Harvest one so if I could get a Skill Swap one and then breed them, that'd be perfect to go along with this set.
I want to add that night slash is better for this case, but you can always re-learn psycho cut or drain punch or something when needing to catch a different Pokemon. No need to use a weak attack just because some Pokemon are immune to stronger ones.