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If this is possible, please let me know a way to do this in double battles.

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Leftovers and leech seed are common ways to do this, but some moves, like aqua ring, are bad.
Aqua Ring isn't that bad. Is it?
There are many moves that are better than aqua ring, so aqua ring just isn't worth the move slot. Also, the answer depends on the format. What format do you want to play?
Showdown! or 3DS?
I'm on 3ds
Local battles, Battle Spot, or VGC?
It depends on which pokemon you plan to carry this set up move on.

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In double battles, attacking opponents is much easier than healing. Heal-over-time effects are almost never viable.

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This doesn't answer the question…
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You could use psychics to assist with heal pulse (heals 1/2 health but only allies) and the could heal themselves with recover (1/2 but only self). Or Sitrus berry is always valid if you only need to heal once, which probably is enough. Leftovers and leech seed would work well together but not many outside grass type learn it. same problem with heal pulse and psychic. but with right type coverage it could work

Heal pulse and recover don't do heal-over-time, so they don't answer the question. Leftovers and leech seed don't work in doubles because doubles Pokemon are generally very short-lived, so pinch healing berries would be much better than either leftovers or leech seed.
I see you've never met Mega Venusaur and Ferrothorn. Tanky Grass-types (at least when I played VGC) can make Leftovers + Leech Seed work very well.
Ferrothorn and Venusaur aren't allowed in VGC anymore.
Of course, I know that. You said Lefties and Leech Seed don't work in doubles, I just gave examples of how they do.
Since those two are banned, they no longer work.
I guess there was just a misunderstanding, then.
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Not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but you should get a Pokemon with Leftovers and the move Aqua Ring (or any other move that gives you HP like Leech Seed or Oblivion Wing.). Then use Aqua Ring so you can gain even more HP.

A Pokemon with Aqua Ring and Leftovers in play should get a good amount of HP per turn. (You can also put Substitute on the Pokemon with Leftovers and Aqua Ring, since you'll gain health points fast. Just for angering others, though.)

Stuff like leftovers and aqua ring are almost always outclassed by pinch healing berries and 1/2 healing moves, respectively, because Pokemon are usually short-lived in doubles.