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It's Klefki's Signature Move but how can it be useful?

The only use I can think of is to trap two Pokemon that don't resist poison and have an ally use sludge wave on them. In doubles, almost everything knows protect, so they can easily stall out the trapping turn, so not even this strategy is useful.
Oh well, I just wanted all my Pokemon to have their Signature Moves, but Klefki might have to make an exception.
You could use a different Pokemon.

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Well, as far as I can think of, Fairy Lock is best in doubles/triples battles. Think of this move as Arena Trap, except you will have to use it, and it only works for the following turn. So as useless as it might seem, there are some ways it could be strategic.

1) Klefki, has moderate defensives, and only 2 weaknesses. When against a dragon, dark, or fighting-target, and opponent's best instinct is to switch out, so Fairy Lock can be used to finish them off with multi-target moves such as Dazzling Gleam (+STAB).

2) With this move in play, your allied Pokemon can learn Spd decreasing moves to the opponent. This move won't be very good if you're the last player to move, so consider EV training Klefki in Spd.

3) After Fairy Lock is in play, using moves such as Heal Block and Torment will be very strategic in double/triple battles. Thus giving you the upper hand.

4) Also, Klefki's Toxic can be a very powerful move to ensure you can poison the target, so they don't switch out to a poison or steel type. Also, you can learn Thunder Wave to paralyze the opponent, drastically making you the faster side of the battle. Otherwise, teach similar moves to your allies.

5) Depending on you item and the targets item, you might want to consider using Thief or Switcheroo, depending on your battle style.

Overall, Klefki + Fairy Lock is not a very common strategy used, and it seems as if Klefki more or less turns into a defender or a status move user. But, it all depends on what kind of strategy and team you're assembling.

Hope this helps! :)

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I said Fairy Lock was strategic because that was the question. It's better to use it will supporting allies than wasting a turn using in singles, when there are pokemon who have Arena Trap, Shadow Tag, and sometimes Magnet Pull as abilities that are far better in play that using Fairy Lock and Mean Look - but even Mean Lock targets single pokemon. But, I will agree that a lot of trainers like to use protect as almost any pokemon can learn it; but even based on statistics, every trainer's team is different, so you'd rely on the statistics to build a team and carefully choose moves
The question was "Can fairy lock be useful?". "No" is a completely valid answer to it.
C'mon guys, the question has been answered. Can you stop arguing?
Alright, but saying no to a question is not the best way to approach a question. It's better to give them a view on it, and have them decide. I just don't like to simply say NO to questions like these
@Blaze Generally, a "no" answer would explain why the move sucks and is never useful. Your answer never directly states that it's useless AND gives a few strategies that could imply that it's useful. You also said that the stuff "could be strategic". I'm not exactly sure how you define the word "strategic", but I think something as useless as fairy lock can never be considered strategic for anything.
@Pokemon Guy No.