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So I'm having trouble of Which to choose because they are both good. Can someone please compare them or something so it's easier?

Defensive Drizzle Politoed is a lot better than either option.
What format?

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Well, since both of your Politoeds have the Adamant nature, you basically want an ability that is either a best match with the nature, or just overall.

With the Damp nature, it prevent the use of any self-destructive move (this also includes the ability Aftermath). If you look overall, only 90 Pokemon can learn Explosion/Self-Destruct, (+4 if you include Drifloon/Stunky + evos). So overall, you have merely a 12% of battling a Pokemon(s) who will benefit your Damp ability - with Golem or Electrode being the most common. But these will most likely be the case of in-game battles; it's highly unlikely you will end up battling Pokemon with Explosion, Self-Destruct, or Aftermath in a PvP battle.

With the Water Absorb ability, it takes Politoed's 0.5x resistance, and makes it immune to Water; and granting 1/4 max. HP in return. With this, there are over 30 water moves, and over 100 water Pokemon - not to mention you don't have to be a water-type to learn water moves (excluding some Pokemon). This ability can be very beneficial in doubles/triples with a ally learning moves such as surf. With this, you can attack, and heal the ability bearer at the same time. Otherwise, you can use another water move or hope the opponent will use one.

So overall in my opinion, I would definitely chose a Politoed with Water Absorb > Damp. Unless you have the hidden ability Drizzle, I would recommend that one instead - but that's a different story.

Your Choice! Hope I helped! :)

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The Adamant nature increases the Attack stat while also decreasing the Special Attack stat.

As for which ability is better on Politoed, the Water Absorb ability restores HP if hit by a Water-type attack and the Damp ability prevents the use of destructive moves. Don't forget, Politoed's HA (Hidden Ability) is Drizzle which just summons the rain into battle.

So, if you prefer HP-restoration over Self-Destruct prevention, go ahead and pick Water Absorb. If you prefer the latter, pick Damp. I'd recommend Damp over Water Absorb if it were me.

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I'd prefer the nature(s) of Modest (+SA -A), Mild (+SA -D), Bashful (+SA -SA), Rash (+SA -SD), or Quiet (+SA -Spd) since Politoed has a higher Special Attack stat than it does Attack stat.
Do you think either ability is better than the other? The asker's problem seems to be indecision, but you've more or less just told them to choose the one they prefer.
As he said, both are pretty good. But, I don't want him to pick something he doesn't want to have.
Fair enough, but what I'm saying is that the asker indicated they don't know what they want to have, so it might be helpful to them to get a more decisive answer. But you've added that now.
I Was just asking for Which ability Was better
I would always say Water Absorb if it's not on a rain team.