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Please tell me where I can get more eviolites except Kokoniki City.


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Sorry, the only place where you can acquire a single Eviolite is in Konikoni City. You cannot receive multiples unless someone were to trade one to you.

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You could receive multiples of Everstones and Hard Stones in Sun/Moon by using the move, Thief, on Roggenrolas in Ten Carat Hill.
What do Everstones and Hard Stones have to do with the Eviolite?
Instead of trying to find multiples of Eviolites, you can find multiples of the two stones mentioned above.
He never said anything that implied that he wanted everstones or hard stones.
Well, thank you because I thought that you can get some from pokepelago.
You can't, but you can find evolution stones and rare items there. Look under Available Items on this link:
Now I know everything so thank you JasonEeveeLution :)