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I am wondering about replacing one of my pokemon for sewaddle

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C'mon dude, check your spelling, you spelt "Sewaddle" two different ways in this question (now corrected).

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Posibly, it does get baton pass and agility, as well as a Stab silverwind, sunny day, calm mind, all sorts of goodies, his stats are fair, I think he has potential at the very least.
little cup is very competitive, but if you play him right, I could see him have use.
if your looken for examples, id use on a sunyday team, and have it out already when I switch to him or put it in his movelist for his baton pass, because he gets double speed with the chlorophyl ability

baton pass
substitute/swagger/protect/energy ball
silverwind/bug buzz/toxic/sunnyday
calm mind/agility

i'm not too good with ev's but id probly go timid or modest nature, with ev's in SP-ATK to help out with his Stabs. and probly speed, or hp.

hope that helps, this is my first answer btw :D

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VERY GOOD for a first timer especially you are a champ XD