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When you migrate or transfer a Pokémon to a newer generation, the "met at" location changes to something like "Arrived from Hoenn" (RSE -> Gen 4). What are all the possible messages from various generations?

Please don't question my curiosity.

Okay, actually, I do need this for a pet project I'm working on, so if you can't give me all of them, please comment any you might know that I'm missing. The ones I know right now are:

"Arrived from Hoenn" (RSE -> Gen 4)
"Arrived from Kanto" (FRLG -> Gen 4)

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So you've covered Gen 3 to 4 already. Simply "Hoenn" (RSE) or "Kanto" (FR/LG). Arrived at level X.

After that, transferring from 4 to 5 will say either "Sinnoh" (D/P/Pt) or "Johto" (HG/SS), "apparently arrived at level X."

Any prior Gen moved to Gen 6 will say "seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach the Kalos region from the **X region*." Level arrived was omitted starting here. In ORAS, it doesn't mention reaching Hoenn.

This statement also appears in Sun and Moon.

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So all Gen 6/7 messages are "seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach the Kalos region from the X region.", even if it arrived in ORAS or SM, and X can be Unova, if the Pokemon originated in Gen 5, or Sinnoh/Johto if it originated in Gen 4 or earlier?
In the first and second examples, X refers to the original level it arrived.

The third X represents the region it was caught in. In ORAS, instead of saying "the Hoenn region", it is ommited and changed to "you", assumingly because of awkwardness if a Gen 3 Poke showed up in ORAS (mentioning Hoenn twice). Here, X can represent Gen 3 Hoenn and Kanto, Johto (which I believe would also represent HGSS Kanto), and Unova. If it was taken from X/Y, I think it would probably just preserve the information.

A similar message appears if transferring from 6 to 7. I don't think it would mention traveling to Kalos or Hoenn, since old Hoenn and Johto Pokes don't mention stuff that was in between.

The one thing I can't try is moving something from BW to XY and then trading to ORAS; I have never done that, nor do I have XY. I don't have any like that from other people either. I would assume it was marked to have come into Kalos.