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so I have some Pokemon I want to transfer on alpha saphire to omega ruby I only have one 3ds so how can I trade it without pokebank I want to trade some of my good Pokemon to omega ruby since ive just started playing omega ruby but ive been playing alpha saphire your support is important to this question btw ign:jay fc:4313-2704-8976

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i'd honestly just get pokebank

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There is one way you can do it but it will take quite a while.

Step One
So, the first step is the catch a bunch of "junk Pokemon" on your Omega Ruby. (To be exact, one junk Pokemon for each Pokemon you are transferring.)

Step Two
Deposit your "junk Pokemon" into the GTS and ask for the Pokemon you are transferring, let's say a level 22 Rampardos.
Optional: Make your message something like "4 Transfer," this might discourage people from trading that Pokemon, it might also make it easier to find yourself.

Step Three
Go onto you Alpha Sapphire, then go onto the GTS search for a [your "junk Pokemon" here] with the same gender and level as your "junk Pokemon" on the search screen where it shows all of the trainers who have that Pokemon, click the magnifying glass icon, a screen should pop up. On that screen select the option that says something along the lines of "Search for Pokemon from the same country than yours." (This might not be an option but I know there is an option that says "Search for Pokemon the have a different country than yours.) When you find your Pokemon from Omega Ruby, trade it.

Step Four
Repeat as said above for each Pokemon you want to transfer.

I told you it would take a long time to do, you probably shouldn't do that because the is one more way you could do, but it is a bit risky, you need a trustworthy Person.

Step One
Go on Pokebase's Chat Room and ask if people want to help you transfer Pokemon. When (and if) somebody says yes,exchange friend codes, as you would do for a normal trade. Also tell them how many Pokemon you are transferring.

Step Two
The person needs to get the same amount of Pokemon as you are are transferring on their game, you also need to do this on your Omega Ruby. This might take a while so be patient.
Optional: Ask them to keep their junk Pokemon in an empty PC box, when you trade Pokemon they are put in the same PC box space as the previous Pokemon.

Step Three
Start up your Alpha Sapphire and get online, the person who you are trading with should do this too. When you are both online, request a trade. (As with any trade.) Now, trade the Pokemon you want to transfer to Omega Ruby to the person while they trade their junk Pokemon to you.

Step Four
Get on Omega Rube and get online, request a trade to the person you are trading with, as you would normally do to start a trade. Now, they need to trade the Pokemon you are transferring to you and you trade your junk Pokemon to them.

Make a list of the Pokemon you are transferring so you don't forget what you are transferring and somebody doesn't try to steal one of your Pokemon. Include HP, Attack, Deference, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed, gender, moves, and nature.

This may be risky but it would definitely be a ton faster than the first way.

Happy Transferring! (Yeah right, it's gonna take AGES.)


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You cannot transfer Pokemon from Alpha Sapphire to Omega Ruby.

You do not have PokeBank, and you only have 1 3DS system, so the only way to get your Pokemon from AS to OR is by trading them to someone else and then them trading it to your other game... there is no other way.

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