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Hi guys

I got a level 15 Squirtle by trading (without any object)
But I realised that that it gets twice more EXP points than the other Pokemon in my team
I did not use a Lucky Egg or any object giving more EXP.

Do you know how that's possible ?

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A Pokémon whose Original Trainer is not the same as its current Trainer is called an outsider Pokémon; this is determined by using the Original Trainer's name, Trainer ID number, Secret ID, and gender. Outsider Pokémon may disobey its Trainer in battle if they lack the appropriate Badges (but they will always obey in link battles). Outsider Pokémon gain 50% more experience than Pokémon trained by their Original Trainer; from Generation IV onward, outsider Pokémon whose language of origin is different to the game's language instead gain 70% more experience.


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