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Consider you have two Poemon of the same egg group (one of them can be a Ditto) but in different balls (for exemple the first in a Super Ball and the second in a Dusk Ball)

In which ball the bred Pokemon will be, whatever the Balls in which the parents are ?


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There are four rules to follow when determining PokeBall inheritance:

  1. Ditto does not influence Pokeball inheritance. Its partner, no matter the species, gender or Pokeball, will always take priority.
  2. You cannot pass down Master Balls or Cherish Balls. If you attempt this, the offspring will hatch in a standard Pokeball.
  3. In a breeding pair where the parents are of different species, the female will pass down the Pokeball 100% of the time.
  4. But when the breeding pair shares the same species, the Pokeball could be inherited from either parent, with a 50% chance on each.

This image is a really good visual presentation of these mechanics (credit /u/SaiphCharon).

Based on these mechanics, I can't give you a definitive answer for the example you gave, as it would depend on the genders of the parents and whether Ditto is involved.

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