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My team:
Latias lv. 62 w/mega stone
Dragon Pulse
Blaziken lv. 63 w/mega stone
Flame Charge
Sky Uppercut
Blaze Kick
Rock Smash

Aggron lv. 47 w/mega stone
Rock Slide
Take Down
Iron Tail

Mightyena lv. 58
Sucker Punch

Breloom lv. 52
Dynamic Punch
Leech Seed

Linoone lv. 53
Pin Missile

I am able to get through the Elite 4 and Steven's first 5 Pokemon pretty easily, but I have a lot of trouble defeating his Mega Metagross. I have contemplated switching Dragon Pulse with Shadow Ball but I don't know if that would do me any good. Any suggestions?

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I beat it with a Hoopa-Unbound but I had it at level 100, and level 100 pokemon sweep everything.
I'd suggest that you get rid of Breloom's Absorb for another move that's more powerful, such as Seed Bomb. If you don't want to replace Absorb a move that does not also heal you, then at least use the move relearner to give it Mega Drain. Also, you probably shouldn't have really weak HM moves on your team Pokemon. Replace Breloom's Cut with something else, and replace Blaziken's Rock Smash with something else (Brave Bird, possibly?) If you can, also replace Blaziken's Flame Charge with Fire Punch.

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No offense, but you'll have to rework all of your Pokemon. Their movesets are not good. To tell the truth, I'm surprised that you got that far with those movesets. Also, I'll suggest that you don't look for movesets here, or in another fan-made website. Better seek in the official websites. A good place to search for the best movesets for particular Pokemon and roles is in the official magazines by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. They're almost completely different than the movesets we see here. Hope I help!

First, Blaziken is fast and can knock out most enemies with single hits, however, he will never be able to outspeed and defeat all Pokemon in one hit so you'll need a move to work up for this weakness, even in-game, especially if the enemy's Pokemon are on much higher levels than your Pokemon.

Good in-game moveset for a level 63 Blaziken:
Flare Blitz
Quick Attack
Rock Slide
Sky Uppercut

Usually a Blaziken at level 63 could defeat his Metagross of higher level with one hit from Flare Blitz or Fire Blast, and, if by any chance it survives, it would be by a pinch, so Quick Attack would finish it off. Your choice of Fire type moves on Blaziken are a bit weak to fight Mega Metagross with. Your other Pokemon need to be reworked, but not as much as Blaziken. Usually, any of them could defeat that Metagross pretty easily.

Now, let's discuss why, of this basic moveset
Most players think a powerful move with low accuracy like Fire Blast, Thunder, and Hydro Pump, etc his bad because it miss the target with a chance of 30% to 25%. However, in all magazines they explain that, in the end of the ingame and most of competitive places like Battle Tree and Battle Tower, a standard move with 90 base power will not be enough in most circumstances, so you always have to give it the most powerful move it can learn, especially if your Pokemon is a frail one. The odds of your Pokemon hitting your target with a move like Fire Blast, for example, are still too high and, in most cases, you knock out the opponent Pokemon in one hit. (the best defense is a good offense) However, most foes will endure for example, Flamethrower, so you'll have to use it twice to defeat them. Also, they will endure your 90 base power moves, in most cases, and they will defeat you in one hit, because they are using the most powerful moves they can have. So, even if you hit your 90 base power move, the odds that your Pokemon still get KOd in one hit after scoring a hit is huge. So, in the end, using moves like Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, etc. ensure you more survival, even if you have a slight chance of missing the hit.

So the best fire move for blaziken is Flare Blitz, Fire Bast/overheat based on his overall stats, however in-game what matters most is level, (Not saying that EV is not important, it sure can help a lot) so ingame you can just choose however you like most over the three.

Quick-attack is your backup killing move, even with the best EV in speed your Pokemon will be out speeded a lot, even Mega Blaziken. So sometimes your opponent is in a pinch almost dying, but he always hit your first, and can kill you in the first hit, so using quick attack, Aqua missile, fake-out can ensure you the victory acting first.

Sky Uppercut that is nothing much to tell, is just a good fighting move you can have in level 63, since is the level you are now.

Rock-slide that is also nothing much to tell, is just a good move to have to cover more ground, or itself against some weakness, but almost any other move of any type, besides the same moves you already have, will do good, something like earthquake for example.

Hope with that information you can rework your movesets and defeating them
I aways defeat the elite four second and mos times being underleveled, sometimes having a good moveset works better than having a high level Pokemon, but both are important, and level also is very important in-game. (Make sure your enemie doesn't have at least 15 levels above your strongest Pokemon)

Use this knowledge to choose the best moves for your other Pokemons in their respective levels, also don't bring two Pokemon with mega stones for the elite 4 and champion, bring only one with mega-stone and the other five with standard items.

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Also separate the pokemon you'l use to fight and the ones you use for HM tasks, using most HM's in pokemons using to fight is never a good ideia, however there are exceptions, for example, the best water type move latias and latios can lear is surf, so if you want them too have a water move teach surf, for example( but if they could learn a better type move, you should choose it for obvious reasons, like for example, if they could learn hydro pump, but they cannot, so surf it is). However in most cases, leave the MH moves for the HM especialist, thoose HM takes the place of an important and usefull moveslot that you can never give the luxury of trow it away.

 **Just one more thing: Only put more than one move of the same type in your pokemon even in-game, if they are moves from different roles, for example, never put surf and aqua-tail toggueter, because thoose move is juts make to do damage and one is enought, you should aways have a variety of different kinds of moves. But there are exceptions for example having aqua-tail and aqua-jet, because aqua-jet and aqua-tail are made for different things, aqua-tail for damage, aqua-jet for striking first and killing enemiesa faster than you in a pinch. So, both moves are of the same types, but for different fight tasks**
If you having difficult planing a good moveset for your atual level, you can seek the pages of important NPC in the bulbapedia, like cynthia, Alder, Steven, etc. Thoose NPC usually have the best moves their pokemon can have in their level. Seing their moves you can have an ideia of what is like to have in your own. I'l never suggest seeking this in the bulbabeedia, but important NPC moves pages ingame, battle tree, PWT, etc, that you can trust there.
I'd like to point out that Fake Out can only be used the first turn a Pokemon is in battle, so it's pretty much useless for killing with. What do you have against fan-made websites? Also, I'd like to know what magazines say that moves with low accuracy that hit hard are better than moves that don't hit quite as hard, but almost always hit. It's a pretty big risk to use those moves, as there, contrary to what you said, is actually a pretty large chance of missing. I think that it'd be pretty hard to find movesets in official websites/magazines/guides.
Also, please don't use movesets from NPCs. For example, Steven's Metagross in ORAS knows giga impact, which in this specific case is much worse than earthquake and in general cases is almost never useful.
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It seems the easiest way to beat Steven with your team is to use mega Aggron, as it resists all of Metagross's attacks. It should be able to 1v1 the Metagross if you teach earthquake to it.

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