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My team:
Latias lv. 62 w/mega stone
Dragon Pulse
Blaziken lv. 63 w/mega stone
Flame Charge
Sky Uppercut
Blaze Kick
Rock Smash

Aggron lv. 47 w/mega stone
Rock Slide
Take Down
Iron Tail

Mightyena lv. 58
Sucker Punch

Breloom lv. 52
Dynamic Punch
Leech Seed

Linoone lv. 53
Pin Missile

I am able to get through the Elite 4 and Steven's first 5 Pokemon pretty easily, but I have a lot of trouble defeating his Mega Metagross. I have contemplated switching Dragon Pulse with Shadow Ball but I don't know if that would do me any good. Any suggestions?

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I beat it with a Hoopa-Unbound but I had it at level 100, and level 100 pokemon sweep everything.
I'd suggest that you get rid of Breloom's Absorb for another move that's more powerful, such as Seed Bomb. If you don't want to replace Absorb a move that does not also heal you, then at least use the move relearner to give it Mega Drain. Also, you probably shouldn't have really weak HM moves on your team Pokemon. Replace Breloom's Cut with something else, and replace Blaziken's Rock Smash with something else (Brave Bird, possibly?) If you can, also replace Blaziken's Flame Charge with Fire Punch.

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It seems the easiest way to beat Steven with your team is to use mega Aggron, as it resists all of Metagross's attacks. It should be able to 1v1 the Metagross if you teach earthquake to it.

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Just in case other people come across this post looking for an answer.

A very easy, but cheesy way to beat Steven is by using (Mega) Gyarados. I just beat Steven with a lvl. 51 Gyarados by setting up against Skarmory.

Since he doesn't deal Mega Gyarados that much damage, I was able to do 6x Dragon Dance, while healing Gyarados 2x with a potion.

After that his entire team gets OHKO by either Waterfall or Crunch.

The person who asked this question doesn't have a Gyarados.