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I noticed in Moon that the Move reminder is super wonky and it really made me mad.

I had a Marowak that knew Focus Energy from when it was a Cubone so I could use it a second time and follow it up with Stomping Tantrum -- then I forget Focus Energy to replace with Thief so I could get Leftovers from a wild Munchlax. I went to the move-reminder only to find that I couldn't re-learn Focus Energy for whatever dumb reason.

Now, in Sun, I want to have an Alolan Raichu that knows Electro-Ball, but my Pichu only evolved into Pikachu AFTER lv. 13, when Pikachu learns Electro Ball.

Since last time I tried to rely on the move-reminder she reeled back and sucker-punched me in the stomach, I am understandably less inclined to trust her.

If I bring my Pikachu all the way up to Mt. Lanakila to her, will she bless me with the grace of allowing him to learn Electro Ball? Or is she just going to haul off and punch me again?


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the Move Reminder can teach a Pokémon any move it can learn via level-up, including moves it would learn at higher levels.

Alolan Marowak can't learn focus energy by level up, so the move reminder wasn't supposed to teach focus energy. Your attitude isn't helping anybody. Since your other Pokemon can learn electro ball by level up, the move reminder will teach it.

Ah, that makes sense. I wondered if that was the case, but wasn't confident on it and figured I was likely wrong anyway. Thank you for your answer!

Also, it's very hard to determine one's mood through text on a screen and being unable to hear their voice or see their body language -- but I want you to know that my intention was to be somewhat humorous with the way I was phrasing things. Perhaps it was even harder to understand since I preceded it by noting how I got frustrated upon realizing I had lost Focus Energy, which I specifically prevented Cubone's evolution to obtain -- I did that because I prefer to add a reason as to why I may ask a question if said reason contains an example to make my confusion a bit more understandable to others. Afterall, somebody who is graciously taking the time to answer a question deserves as much detail on the matter as they can obtain.
Point is, I wasn't actually taking it as serious as it may have sounded, so I'm sorry if I offended you!

Well, that's that -- and thank you again for the answer! I appreciate it!
How can you be so sure I was offended?
This is, by far, one of the best features in SM, in my opinion.
Ditto, JasonEeveeLution. XP