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I need a snorlax with recycle in Pokemon sun and moon but I have to breed it as a munchlax to get recycle and I need to give my snorlax a full incense to breed a munchlax. So on the the question should I remove the destiny knot or everstone when breeding for the competitive munchlax.

Do that many people use Attract or Charm? Don't think so. I'm personally for using eviolite as you can always cancel evolution

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It depends on how many IVs you plan to pass down. Without the Destiny Knot, eggs only inherit 3 IVs from their parents, rather than 5. But without the Everstone, the chance that the egg will have the right nature goes from a 1/1 to a 1/25 chance.
With Hyper-Training introduced in the 7th gen, you could always max its IVs later, so I would personally keep the Everstone.

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