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He is good for most things, you can pick him without a doubt. He can employ many roles.
I didn't catch my eevee's I traded shiny legendary and more for them
Guess you're in the same boat I am in. I haven't caught any shiny Eeveelutions, but tried to ask for them in trade. No luck yet. D:
I just use gts

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For single battles, Leafeon is excellent. For double battles, Leafeon is a bit more limited, but can work some things out/
If it is to be used with another evolution of Eevee, he can be used as support to team up with, for example, Flareon.
With moves like:
Sunny Day
Leaf Blade
Helping Hand

And IVs focusing in HP, and EVs in HP and special def, for making good use of his already higher defense stat in that particular role.

On top of boosting Flareon's Fire type moves, Sunny Day also make good use of both of Leafeon's abilities. Also, Leafeon's Leaf Blade covers all Flareon's weakness.

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You want to use Leafeon for doubles?


Leafeon is not used for doubles, unless in the rare occasion it's a supporter. It does not have good multi-target moves (only razor leaf). Use Leafeon for Singles, though, it works wonders.

Why the down-vote? This is an acceptable answer, except that Leafeon also sucks in singles.
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