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I'm planning on using Ambipom instead of an electric Pokemon and will it be safe for it to fight togekiss? Thank you in advance to whoever answers this. :)


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There are various ways to defeat it. There are various types of moves and Pokemon, and doesn't have a certain Pokemon who is particularly good against it. But, since your question is just about Ambipom, Ambipom can defeat it, but using using special moves can be a bit difficult, depending on the level. Giving Ambipom Ice Punch or Thunder Punch, however, works very well for this Pokemon in particular, if you can have access to them in your game.

If not, you can use many other strategies and Pokemon who works very well, even Ambipom with another strategy.

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...no...just no.... have you seen aimbipoms sp.attack? lowest stat, so Sand Attack will go a good chance to miss,especily with Hustle. maybe Double Hit Technician? plus, Togekiss has great sp.defense. Bad idea. Probaly best to use another Pokemon.

How 'bout Luxray?
great of course
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Assuming you're playing Platinum, I think it's a bad idea to. Ambipom's Sp. Atk stat is the lowest stat, so Luxray is kind of a better idea. I used the Pokemon Showdown Battle Calculator to find this out. So I hope you will enjoy this: 252+ Atk Guts Luxray Wild Charge vs. 4 HP / 252 Def Togekiss: 168-198 (87.9 - 103.6%) -- 25% chance to OHKO

Why the Downvote? My points is kind of a hit-or-miss-and-rarely-crit (Mostly Miss)
i THOUGHT that repiting answers is bad. ours are similare, and i saw the one i posted first, and i undown voted.also, what does the term, "hit or miss or rarely crit" mean?
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