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Using the GTS, I deposited a level 1 Chespin in return for a female, any level Togekiss. (Sorry, but I really wanted a female Togekiss.) A few days later I received Togekiss. It was level 1. Is that normal? Was it hacked? Please help me! Thank you! :)

Note: It didn't have a blue hexagon under it, like the rest of my Pokémon.
Also, if it's hacked, tell me what to do with it. I also got 4 eggs via breeding with this Togekiss. I hatched them.

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I can only remember that Porygon-Z and Roserade can be legally at level 1
Scizor can.

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No it is not.

When a Togekiss or Togetic is bred, the offspring will be a togepi, but since togepi evolves by leveling up with happiness, then it must be at at least at LV 2 for it to evolve into Togetic, and then to evolve with a shiny stone. Togekiss can be at level 2 but not at level 1.

So therefore, it is hacked. (Don't know how it's in the GTS)

Hope I helped!

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Thanks but will affect my game, especially when I got 4 togepi eggs from it
I assume it wouldnt affect my game.
I would get rid of it just in case...
Hacking from my experience doesn't harm he game at all.
Oooooh jaja hacks :x