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I was on route 9 and I ran into a Golett. I used my Skitty ( I was raising a May theme team) and I decided to used Assit on it. Water Pluse was used. It said "It had no effect." So I decided to used Blizzard, an Ice-Type attack. It said "It has no effect." I was confused so I just ran away. Was that normal? Please help me! Thank you!

Note: I don't think my Skitty is hacked. I caught it on route 4 at level 8. It also has a blue hexagon so I pretty sure it's real.


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I know exactly what happened!!
Your Skitty's ability is Normalize, an ability that turns every move you use into Normal type, and since Golett is a Ghost Pokemon, Normal type attacks have no effect!
Hope I helped ^_^

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I was sitting here thinking that Assit still retained Normal status making Blizzard a Normal type move ... but with your answer I was close just not with its Ability XD
Ohhh! I should of knew that! Anyways thanks Guys! :)