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So I've been hearing that the event Dusk Lycanroc is breedable and not shiny locked on websites like Reddit and GameFAQS. I just want to know if it's really true or not.


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Yes, I've personally tried it myself.
If you leave Dusk Form Lycanroc with a Ditto in the daycare, they will produce an egg. If the Lycanroc is holding an Everstone, it will produce a Rockruff with Own Tempo, which will evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc. I haven't tried it without the Everstone tho.

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You don’t need an everstone. I accidentally got a dusk lycanroc through breeding.
@WhyNotWynaut? Everstone passes down nature, not ability. I'm currently breeding a ton of Rockruff with Own Tempo and every single one has Own Tempo. Only reason I have mine holding an everstone is so that all of the offspring will have the Adamant nature, which they do.
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Yes it is bredable, which means that it can be shiny. Because it is breedable, you can also pass it egg moves. Just get a female Dusk Lycanroc or breed a male one with a Ditto, then start getting good IVs, ball passing, and getting good natures!

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Do you have any links or resources? Sorry, I'm just one of those people.