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How do I teach my Zygarde the moves like Core Enforcer and such in game? I couldn't do it at the assembly place, so where else?

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Are you aware that you need a particular cell to teach Zygarde Core Enforcer? In Sun and Moon, it's in Hapu's room at the Ancient Poni Path, but it might have changed in USM idk.

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Just like in Sun and Moon you have to use the Zygarde Cube to learn the moves but not having to find all the cells one by one means that you can choose from all attacks after acquiring 100% Zygarde

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So far I have found how to catch zygarde, so I guess that it could come with the moves or just check his old (Forgotten) moves at the move reminder and it may have learnt the moves earlier.

How to catch Zygarde and get it to its 100% form if you’re curious.

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