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"This Pokemon's attacks do not make contact with the target". Does that count as a special attack? Would I have to train in special attack or physical attack to get the most out of the moves?

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In short, contact doesn't always align with move category. There are some Special attacks that make contact, and plenty of Physical attacks that don't (e.g. Earthquake).
Decidueye's ability doesn't change the category of moves. Moves like leaf blade and sucker punch would still be physical.

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In the Pokemon games, contact is a property that some moves have when they would realistically make physical contact with the target. If a move is classified to make contact, it activates abilities like Rough Skin or items like the Sticky Barb, which activate when hit by a contact move.

Generally, most contact moves are physical, but contact is classified independent of a move's damage category. Here is more info on contact, as well as a list of moves that are programmed as contact moves.

In relation to Long Reach, the ability reclassifies all of Decidueye's moves as 'non-contact moves', thus Decidueye's moves would not trigger the effects of Rough Skin or the Sticky Barb.

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