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Just what the title says. I need a fast, late game sweeper, and I narrowed it down to these three because I needed a bug type. I already know they’ll work with the synergy of my team, mainly because I tried to find Pokémon that worked well with my core in the team. A friend recommended a fast bug type, and so here I am. I don’t have any megas so I can use Mega Beedrill. But I already have another Poison type. I’m not very keen on Ninjask, seeing as it has underwhelming stats. I used an Accelgor in Ubers as a sweeper. But here, my team is not as powerful, so I don’t have all the powerful Pokémon around it like Primal Groudon. I’m not interested in a suicide lead. My team is a mixed offensive team. Thanks in advance.

Singles or doubles? Showdown! or 3DS?
Have you considered Pheromosa, Volcarona, or Scolipede? Pheromosa is self-explanatory (unless you're going by Smogon OU rules), and Volcarona and Scolipede are stat powerhouses, with Quiver Dance and Swords Dance, respectively.  100 base stats become monstrous after a boost.
Mega Pinsir is also often better than all three of the Pokemon you asked about.
I’m doing OU smogon, on a 3ds. I did actually consider scolipede, but the main reason I asked this question was to get it down into either scolipede or one of these 3. But could you please tell me which one was actually better, out of those 3?

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With a base physical attack of 150 and access to the coverage moves drill run and knock off, mega Beedrill is definitely the best of the three. However, I would recommend mega Pinsir unless you have a very good reason not to use it. Unlike Beedrill, Pinsir has much better bulk, a much stronger STAB in aerilate return, swords dance, and close combat to cover some steel Pokemon that are less weak to ground.

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Ok. Thanks. And out of Ninjask and accelgor, who’d be better?
Accelgor is better because it has a stronger attack stat and access to certain status moves like spikes and yawn.
Ye ik that mega beedrill is the best but i recently got a ninjast 252 speed 252 attack 4 def speed boost and focus sash and idk if i should have both in my team or one of them
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