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This guy on the internet said that, when you throw out Chatot, its cry will be more likely to confuse the target if it is louder. Is this true or just fake?

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Generation 4, 5, 6, or 7?

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The cry is not what confuses the opponent. It's Chatot's signature move chatter. In Generations 4 and 5, the confusion chance depends on the volume of the recording, not the pitch. In Generation 4, the chance ranges from 1% (quietest recording) to 31% (loudest recording). In Generation 5, the confusion chance ranges from 0% to 10%. Starting Generation 6, chatter no longer plays recordings and always has a 100% chance of confusing the target.

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Well, since the Microphone IS the part of the 3DS that obtains sounds so his theory is in fact, correct.
He said Chatot's cry can confuse the opponent, which is wrong.