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I mean the thing clearly had hands so it should be able to punch things. What the darn?

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Yeah, it can punch things, but with a SUPER POWERFUL DYNAMIC PUNCH? I don't think so.
Larvitar cant get it. theres loads of pokemon that have hands and cant learn a punching move.
Infernape can't learn it, so why should Pichu?
Duh, because pichu is, like, a million times more buff than some dumb fire monkey! (#Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

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Maybe because it's just so small and cute and definitely not a fighting type. There are a lot of Pokemon with hands out there (Chansey, Gothitelle, Elgyem), and most of them can't learn Dynamic Punch. I guess there are some Pokemon that it would make sense to give Dynamic Punch, but Pichu is not one of those Pokemon.

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Because it is a baby Pokemon.

rly? come on
I think that makes sense
Munchlax learns flamethrower, thunderbolt, Ice beam and psychic. So THAT "baby" pokemon can roast you with fire, electrocute you, give you hypothermia and break your neck without even touching you, by means of psychic's telekinetic stuff. Mantyke learns Hydro Pump, Hail, Scald and Twister. It can Crush you under water pressure, Bury you under hail, Boil you with scald AND Tear you with a twister. AND Cleffa learns Toxic, Double team, Fire blast, Attract, Fling, Thunder wave, Belly Drum and Protect. it can poison you, gang attack, fry you, infatuate you, throw stuff at you, paralise you, get ridiculous attacking power with belly drum, and can shield itself from anything that makes it through paralasis and infatuation. it also gets metronome, giving it the potential for attacks as weak as stupid splash to as deadly as causing actual earthquakes, spewing lava over you, or Piercing you with a ghost  arrow! these are all babies, may I remind you!  And pichu learns thunderpunch, BTW! so it CAN punch you, with the added bonus of an electric shock, despite it probably not having enough muscle power to use something like dynamic punch.  Pichu also gets toxic and Wild charge!
MY point is, pokemon babies can launch all sorts of deadly things at you, so count yourself lucky if all they do is punch you.
TL;DR: Babies can hurt you
So, why it cannot learn dynamic punch. Also, tyrouge learns one move.