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I feel like no, because of it's low Accuracy and PP, but I have Mach Punch, which isn't that good, and has no secondary effect, so I'm not 100% sure.

Shroomish doesn't learn Dynamic Punch I think.
Woops, meant Breloom.
Is this for your Sapphire Nuzlocke?

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You should teach it Sky Uppercut instead. It's learned earlier and has much higher accuracy, both good qualities in a Nuzlocke. DynamicPunch is simply too risky to be used in a Nuzlocke, as a miss could cost your Breloom its life. Do it if you want, but it usually won't be worth it.

Hope I helped!

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Cool, I already have that, X, in case you didn't know, these questoins aren't like, hypothetical when I get there, I am already at the level and it's asking me currently if I want Dynamic Punch.
No, Sky Uppercut and Mach Punch are more than enough.
I was saying I wouldn't teach it Dynamic Punch.
Why you sniper X! You will pay, I repeat, you will.
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No, don't use Dynamic Punch. It has a bad 50 accuracy, which means when you absolutely need it to hit, it would miss probably, and with Brelooms only ok defenses, it would probably die to a strong attack. Teach it Sky Uppercut or Brick Break instead. Sky Uppercut has a much better 90 accuracy, a decent BP in 85, and STAB. Brick Break has a decent BP in 75, perfect accuracy, and can break screens. It depends on if you want more accuracy and the ability to break screens, or more power. Here is a moveset.
Breloom @ Anything
Ability: Anything
- Sky Uppercut / Brick Break
- Mach Punch
- Filler
- Filler
I hope I've helped!

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Dynamic punch is just too unreliable, especially if you're in a Nuzlocke Challenge. I also believe Sky Uppercut isn't suitable either since it still has 90% accuracy which is too risky for a nuzlocke. The move you're looking for is Brick break. Brick Beak is TM 31 in RSE and its found in Sootopolis city in a hut in the top left corner of the map. You'll find a Black Belt trainer class with a Kecleon inside and he'll offer you the TM.

[Image showing where Sootopolis city is located]

[Image showing the hut you're looking for]

Thanks, but I already beat the Nuzlocke, if you want to see what happened, check out my wall.
Great! I'll still leave my answer up because i have a point with it.